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Darwin's Health Club is now open for business!

Get in shape.

With group aerobic classes and a whole cardio room to boot, Darwin's Health Club has all the equipment and services to help you get in shape. We stock an assortment of health conscious snacks and shakes to give you a pre/post workout enhancing meal.

Be Healthier

Give your body an internal make over. With free nutrition consultation and free workout and exercise programming/training sessions, becoming healthier is a breeze at Darwin's Health Club. Have a medical condition or injury? Business Owner and Health/Exercise Guru can make a workout plan just for your needs.

Get Stronger

Trying to really bring your body to the next level? Darwin's Health Club is equipped with some of the latest machinery to help you become strong. We also carry the essentials like dumbells/barbells and assorted benches so can really feel comfortable while building up your muscles.


Our Facility


Free Weights

Recumbant Bikes

Weight Room

Front Desk

Upright Bikes


Free with every membership.

  • Free Fitness Profile

    Featuring a full spectrum of education and tried and tested methods to determine your profile to "see where you are at" and determining how to get where you want to go.

  • Free Workout Routine Planning

    Crafted specifically to your needs, you'll be set up with a routine that helps you achieve your goals in the fastest and healthiest way, whether is it sports training, strength gaining, or healthy living.

  • Free Appointments and Consultations

    Looking to weigh in or check your body fat to see how you're doing? Make an appointment on your schedule. Want to learn an excersise? Our desk staff help you learn the key moves to reap the rewards.

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Sat 6:00am-6:00pm
Sun 7:00am-5:00pm